About Rose Blossom Trust

Rose Blossom Trust was set up just two years ago in 2013 in order to raise awareness of a devastating condition called Dravet Syndrome which affects only 1 in 40,000 people.

Natalie & Mark Chapman found themselves dealing with the devastating news that there beautiful twin girls – Darcie Rose and Evie Blossom were both suffering from this terrible illness – the only known set of twins to be both suffering from Dravet Syndrome. With help of friends and family they went about setting up Rose Blossom Trust to support families in a similar situation to themselves with much needed equipment, holidays, rest bite or just days out that the families would not be able to afford without Rose Blossom Trusts help.

Rose Blossom Trust helps lots of families who have unfortunately lost a child to this catastrophic illness or have a child suffering from it.

Your help is needed, for more information about Rose Blossom Trust or Dravet Syndrome or to find out how to help Darcie & Evie and other similar children please contact Jo on 01942 221813 or 07795 535840.

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