Please help Darcie & Evie and other Dravet Syndrome Sufferers


Please help us help Darcie & Evie Chapman, they both suffer from the rare illness Dravet Syndrome and are the only know set of twins known to have the illness.

Cruel, heart breaking and sad, every day there parents ask themselves – will they walk, will they talk, who will care for them in years to come! Yet Darcie & Evie keep on smiling.

Beautiful and full of character & mischief if only there life was like normal 4 year olds. Darcie & Evie will not outgrow this condition and it affect every aspect of their daily lives.

We welcome any donations big or small, whether it be a one of donation through or a fund raising event. Dig deep and help these gorgeous girls and other Dravet Syndrome sufferers.

If you require any information or would like to donate a one off amount please contact Jo on


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